OK, ok... It has been an absolute age. What can I say?! Having a baby is a little hectic. I've spent the last 6 months really getting to know and grow with my little human. I had said it was going to be slow around here for a while - maybe I was a little naive about the duration of that while. And I hate to say it, that isn't over. That being said, I have a ridiculous thirst to get back into writing and whilst 2019 doesn't promise any overseas adventures for us, it does promise the backlog of posts I've wanted to share forever and also some fresh new Cornish experiences over the next 12 months - we're thinking of a trip to Scilly too so there is plenty to write up - bear with me.

I made the decision over the last 6 months to step back a little from the 'big' camera, as I call it, whilst we're out exploring. Being a Mummy is my priority and embracing every minute with her and her Daddy are the most important. I've greedily and so rightly wanted to savour those moments. I've also been working on some new skills, trying to work with the materials I have, and learning to photograph Isabella - portraits & baby photography are not my strength and it has been an education. I feel like maybe now, I can ease back into the bloglife a little more. Now I've gotten the hang of walking around like some sort of buckaroo donkey on each journey we travel.

I'm not promising a frequency; but I will promise that as and when I steal a moment, I'll share an insight into lots of lovely days out, exciting travel inspiration and once I'm over the backlog, family friendly days on home soil too!

So, freshly prepared, you can almost smell its doughy goodness straight from the blogtacular oven; I bring you the beautiful Athabasca Glacier. Glacial like my pace, sparkly like the stars, turquoise like the ocean.

Glacier & Skywalk Tour

Travelling from BC to Alberta, as per my last post, the weather got a little frostier. Winter had officially arrived. But with grey, snow filled clouds and dense mountain forest, a new beauty arises.

Waking from our roadside slumber, the forecasts promise of snow was far from inaccurate.

As we continued on our journey to Alberta, the mountains crept into the sky, buried beneath layers of icy fog.

Snow whipped our windows and the trees grew thicker with each curve, incline and bend in the road.

"Change the clocks!" I roared. "We've crossed the border. Hoorah!" - We'd arrived in Alberta. Driving across province borders on this scale is pretty novel for us. Especially where time zones are impacted. And as if nature wanted to confirm our transition, we continued on slowly, through weather we were inexperienced with and views we were unprepared for.

Getting out of the car at various viewpoints was an experience. As Brits, we don't see snow very often and so I did the cliche thing each time - I must touch it! Why we feel the need to do this every time; and then wish we hadn't once our fingers turn blue; is beyond me.

Definitely a little nippier here at Athabasca Glacier.

Mr B had the added bonus of a hairy face for cold protection, not much hairier than mine mind you. I have never experienced snowfall until this point where the actual snowflakes were visible, just like the cartoon structures. Even in the depths of winter in Iceland (maybe a later post), the snow was too dense to see this. But here, the air was clean. Crisp. Just the exact setting to see these little creatures as nature intended.

Even from the car park we could see the Glacier. It was breathtaking. The recent snowfall framing it perfectly. I never thought I'd be grateful for snowfall on a driving road trip! Especially given the apprehension I'd felt the night before when seeing the forecast.

Given the weather, terrain and environment, we left it up to the professionals to take us onto the glacier. A brilliant tour, professional, safe and easy to book. It can get pretty busy so book ahead or get there early.

We hopped into an all terrain ice explorer and headed out onto the icefield. The guides are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. Watching the ground below us turn steadily to snow and chunks of ice, we reached our destination. Stepping out onto the ice, the air was sharp. And bloody freezing compared to what we were used to so far! I finally realised why I had packed nearly every season worth of clothing for one trip and I was suddenly grateful.

We had a good old walk about and a few cheeky touristy memory snaps.

The ice overflowing from every crevice.

Having checked off my 'walk on a glacier' dream and been thoroughly encapsulated by the whole experience, we were back in our ice explorers and heading back to base.

Part of this excursion can include The Glacier Skywalk a short drive away, transport included in ticket price. I cannot recommend this enough. Possibly even more spectacular than standing on the Glacier itself. A 1km walkway over the Sunwapta Valley culminating in a glass floored walkway with a 918ft drop.

The views are to die for. Literally, if you lost your footing! The surrounding mountains, quiet air, smell of the fresh snow mixed with the fragrant pine. Like a Planet Earth episode 5D.

I actually have no other words to describe this beauty. You can see from the pictures how mind blowing it really is.

And as I mentioned, right there at the end, the glass skywalk. I managed a few steps onto the glass and couldn't go any further. It made me want to vomit the contents of my tragic roadside breakfast the full 918ft down. And I wasn't alone.

Mr B's a daredevil. Though even he had to hold on to take a selfie as it even made him weak at the knees!

The sun shone through some pretty atmospheric clouds and whilst he tested his adrenaline fuelled curiosities, I just stood and breathed it in. Every last second of it. This is the thing of dreams. A view of real adventure.

Reunited, we took a few extra snaps for our future children, one who has since arrived hah. And evidence to say 'we woz ere', as you do.

We hopped on the bus back to the icefield and car park pretty happy with the days discoveries.

A day well spent brings a week of content. I couldn't resist a few snaps of these mesmerizing snowflakes before we headed off.

Back on the road, the stunning Icefields Parkway - I'll save that for another picturesque post - we headed along never ending mountainous terrain.

With countless viewpoints and stops it's a wonder anyone ever reaches their destination in this magnificent place.

One waterfall later...

...we reached our Airbnb for the next few days in Jasper National Park. The cutest little treehouse vibe home with views of the mountains and the famous Jasper train line.

We watched the sun set and The Rocky Mountaineer roll in for the night. It felt great to be snuggled. Great to have adventured. It feels great to be back writing. I'm reliving the moments, enjoying the keyboard tapping away and dreaming of those pink Jasper skies once more.


- MTWP xxx

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