Happy Thursday! So I am working hard to stick to it again and getting through my backlog of day-out ideas for you. I have some really great ones I'd love to share so expect plenty incoming over the next few weeks. August and September are going to be full of adventure for us so I definitely want to get these out to you before the summer is over and before I am totally defeated by the work/life balance.

On a recent trip to Cornwall, we visited Bodmin Jail and here's a snapshot of its awesomeness for you. Discovered on Pinterest as I've raved about before. I'd say 45% of things we do we discover on Instagram, 45% on Pinterest and the other 10% via word of mouth. When you're not using them to post selfies, both resources are priceless for inspiration.

Bodmin Jail is a great day out for all ages (the inside would be tricky for those with mobility issues). Whilst the Jail itself offers a more touristy but highly entertaining perspective on Cornish penal life through the centuries, it's the building that you're really going for.

Just look at these views. From both the windows inside the jail and even more so if you take a wander outside, the broken and history-drenched remains are just breathtaking.

Plants grow out of every crevice and the building breathes like it's alive. And it knows so many stories and so many secrets. Sometimes in places like this, I stand in a room and picture the people here. In a prison, I think of the things they might have done to be stuck here and it gives me chills. The Prison is littered with gruesome, chilling and hilarious tales of all those who called these walls homes in its existence. A great rainy day out and let's face it, in Cornwall that is quite often.

There was something so serene about a place once so severe. A couple of pigeons adding to its imperturbable tranquillity.

There is something I love about broken buildings. Their jagged brickwork disguises tales of a time long gone.

The light, the shadows, the plants - this is a photography enthusiast's dream. The attraction entertains the kids, the tea room pleases the cake lover, it's dog-friendly and if all that isn't enough... just 10 minutes up the road is a winery and it's exactly where we headed next. Stay tuned for a vino flavoured post you shouldn't miss.

- MTWP xxx

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