I'M BACK after a bit of a gap. May was a very busy month for us and now it's June already. Kinda sad the trips are over but excited as June is our Birthday month. May brought us busy work lives, a great trip to Wales and an amazing week of memories in our favourite place in the whole wide world but there will be more about that soon.

We booked up a weekend in the Brecon Beacons a while ago. I had never ever been to Wales before this trip (even though some of Mr B's family were born and bred so close by). Upon arriving we were welcomed by some pretty wild horses.

They seemed to feel very comfortable around Mr B.

Wales has lots of little nooks and crannies hiding quirky little gems. Just take this old phone box turned library! So cute.

I've heard a lot about sheep in relation to Wales. I've never understood until I visited. Sheep, EVERYWHERE! Late spring is a great time to visit, babies all over the place.

The roads are minimalist and leave you wondering what's around each tiny corner. Lined with trees and light, echoing the sounds of the lambs from neighbouring fields.

As you spy through the fences, you might capture some magic. If this doesn't melt your heart, you're rubbish :)

And if the sleepy little faces aren't enough, the rolling hills and floofs for miles will get you feeling all tingly.

We were fortunate enough to wander at that 'magic hour' where the light kisses everything with a warmth only the promise of a sunset can create.

The lambs ran and played as we strolled - I could have walked for hours regardless of my aching soles.

There is something pretty special about this little scene below. The light, the little flies, the mother guarding, floof oblivious to the potential danger of a passing predator.

I'm sad this time of year has passed, but there is always next year!

The sun set beautifully over vibrant rolling green. 

Mr B and I took in the fresh air for as long as we could. Photographing in this light was a real treat after what feels like a very grey start to the year.

We made our way to our Airbnb down the winding paths, past the lavish farmhouses...

...into the narrower winding lanes.

As we said goodbye to our first impressions of day 1, some locals came to bid us good night.

Pretty pleased with our surroundings in our home for the weekend, we snuggled up and tried to gain some energy for the trek that awaited us next morning.

Up and out pretty early, we headed to waterfall country.

We followed the trail of the four waterfalls.

Layered up, lunch packed, we headed into the wilderness. Okay, okay - some woodland but I live near a city so it's the wilderness to me.

The map advises this trail is intermediate, as you can see it's not for the faint hearted. It will have your butt aching for a few days after if you're not rehearsed in exercising said muscles.

We followed the stream past yet more sheep. I mean really, there must be more sheep than people right?!

The sun arrived, and we instantly regretted the multiple layers. 

The walk is fairly long, 4-5 hours in total, but incredibly rewarding. Worth the moments when you think 'How on earth are we only at marker 28?!'

Cushioned by spectacular views however.

There are 4 waterfalls (who'd have thought ;P ), I have only included my favourite shots but there is much more to see.

I couldn't resist an opportunity to play about with the exposure. Really pleased with these ones.

With great beauty comes greater issues with returning to the trail. A staircase to infinity.

But we made back up and then back down again to the next waterfall. The ultimate grand finale; a waterfall you can walk behind!

I ended up with a strange black & white shot but I kinda like it so it's staying.

We walked the scary ledge (it's actually pretty easy, I'm just a wimp) and giggled as we were sprayed at the edge of the falls. Feeling like we were in two places at once, the quiet, empty cave behind and the woodland, full of life, in front - me with frizzy hair at the side for good measure.

We couldn't help but take a selfie here. One of those little moments in life when you remind yourself that we're not just here to work. There is a big wide world out there to experience.

Safely back on dry ground, I celebrated confronting my pathetic fears - excuse the outfit, hairstyle, face, etc. - this is my 'I'm hiking, hot, and married' look.

Having achieved the four waterfalls completion status, we headed off to a final waterfall in the car  - the tallest in the Brecon Beacons - but not before hitting some rush hour traffic.

The next waterfall was certainly tall.

The pictures don't do it justice but it was far more relaxing than all the rest. Away from the more populated walks, this waterfall offered a tranquillity that took me back to the Road to Hana in Maui (maybe a post I'll throwback soon).

After a long, strenuous day we finished off with whipped cream - behave.

We would definitely return to the Brecon Beacons. This trip was a much-needed break from the day to day churn. Wales is wonderful nature, peace & quiet, views for miles, moss covered woodlands and more. And above all of that, all of the above activities were FREE - apart from the Airbnb and whipped cream of course. ;)

The UK has so much to offer. I feel pleased I've finally ticked another little blip off my bucket list. Wales satisfied my expectations entirely, if not more.

- MTWP xxx

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