Chapel Porth

Next up, on my list of Cornwall recommendations is the beautiful coastal path between Porthtowan and St Agnes. It is the home to Chapel Porth beach and Wheal Coates tin mine, preserved and maintained by the National Trust.

The waters glitter turquoise when the sun shines and the beach goes on for miles.

Park up at Chapel Porth car park, free for National Trust members, and head up the coastal path (the right side when facing the ocean offers the best views) Worth noting, in the peak season dogs are not allowed on the beach here so be sure to check before heading out.

The best thing about Cornwall? The many seasons you get in one day! We arrived in thick cloud and a moody sky. Still beautiful and determined to burn off some calories, we headed up the cliffside anyway. The views are still spectacular, rain or shine.

Mr B got us all to pose to take a group shot. We moaned at the time as it took him ages to set up but totally worth it for the memory bank! Even little biscuit posed for us.

As the cloud started to clear we all trekked along the coast taking in the views.

Mr B pulling an ever so flattering expression.

And then there was sun. Just like that. As if the clouds had forgotten themselves and the threat of rain evaporated. You'll have to excuse the exposure of these shots, the weather took us completely by surprise! We began shedding layers as we went!

The ocean in Cornwall is beautiful. I never understand when people look disappointed when you say you're going to Cornwall, 'oh not abroad' you can see them thinking, even if their lips don't move.

For all those who have never been or don't understand the concept of UK travel - look at this ocean. The weather might not be as predictable as abroad, you might be swapping ocean-front bars for the occasional tea room and lacy cover-ups for walking boots but the colour of this water and the sound of the waves against the cliffs are more than enough to keep me coming back for more, year after year.

In the distance, you'll see Wheal Coates. Set perfectly on the Cornish cliff edge, it photographs amazingly (when you don't accidentally turn your ISO up and not realise).

You'll spot the occasional surfer from up here if you look hard enough.

We were all pretty chuffed Mr sun decided to pay a visit.

The wind was blowing pretty strong, enough to disguise the fact we were all getting sunburnt! If I didn't love my pretty Salcombe scarf, I would have let it go just to see it's crimson glow whoosh off along the coast.

A perfect Sunday activity with the family. Why not round it off with a delicious Sunday roast. We travelled back toward 'Home' for this mother of all roasts at "Gusto at The Park" and I would go as far as to say it was one of the best roasts I have ever had.

Add a pint of Proper Job to round it all off nicely. Cheers!

- MTWP xxx

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