Ok, Ok. So I made it 6 months with the blogging and then started slacking. Really annoyed at myself but it's not for lack of trying. Had lots I've wanted to share. Especially as summer holidays roll in and England beams in the pretty sunlight - so it rained today but what's new?!

I've been a bit mad busy recently. Work has been sapping my energy - earning my keep at the moment! And after that, if I'm not out exploring or trying to plan our Canada adventure, then I'm trapped indoors watching Love Island. Yes, I fell victim to that world and I am not ashamed one bit. And if I'm not doing any of the above, I'm in my pants, on my sofa, trying not to nap because secretly I am a sloth.

Touching on that. A few people recently have mentioned that we do a lot or that they don't do enough in comparison. Just wanted to rein it in a paragraph to say - NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF TO ANYONE ELSE! I think it is important when 'sharing' your life online to make it clear, THIS IS ALL JUST A HIGHLIGHT REEL. Newsflash guys, my flat is often messy, I don't always cook proper food, my ironing pile is bigger than me and I've been overpaying my Sky TV for about 5 months with an endless list of excuses that all come down to one thing - I'm too lazy to fix it... Just because I like to share pics of the pretty, it's important to remember it's not all frills. I'm not one to moan much online, or to overshare the gloom - I'm a move on and fix up kinda gal. So my feed will more often be filled with the nice in my life. But that's because I want my little corner of the internet to be a positive place in a world that is difficult enough as it is.

Anyway. Serious stuff over. I was sitting here this evening watching the most amazing sunset from my sofa (not in my pants this time) and I felt a huge sense of disappointment in myself for giving up so soon. I have lots of things in a growing pile I've wanted to post about. And recently I got a drone - footage coming soon! So here I am. Tail between my legs, doing something I love to do, even if there is nobody out there who reads it.

Back to Cornwall for the next few posts - just booked a surfing weekend in August - cannot wait! A place we touched on recently has quickly become my second favourite to Watergate Bay .


River meets ocean, I couldn't believe I hadn't visited before. You'll have to use a little creative imagination with these pics, they do not do its beauty justice. I was nursing a rope burn on my ankle from the puppy and so a tad distracted to photograph at my best, but that is another story, I still have the scar to prove it.

Upon arriving in the national trust car park - FREE Parking woop - we climbed over the sand dune to reveal an oasis. It felt like another country somewhere closer to the equator and filled with tropical creatures coloured by the rainbow.

There were kids playing in the mouth of the Gannel Estuary and surfers riding the waves of the Atlantic - little bit gutted we couldn't stay to test the surf seeing as we've just started learning how to get beaten up by it.

People appearing over the dunes, equally as thrilled as we were at the cornish vista that lay ahead.

The property along here is unreal. Oh if I could win the lottery!

With pretty little boathouses as we went.

Me and my tribe explored with immense satisfaction and big time gratitutde that the sun had poked its head out of the clouds.

This was just after this cheeky bi*** maimed me with her leash - look at her, oblivious to my searing pain. Bloody cute tho. And so excited by the stream and little quick sand spots.

Boat house of dreams <3

Just look at it.

Ok, one more for good luck, Even the boardwalk is perfection.

One last look back and lusting over things I can't afford, I couldn't get my head around this view.

The properties buried into cliffsides so luscious and tropical. Winding paths down to decks and boats.

These are the views that people who have never been to Cornwall just can't comprehend.

Fields of Rapeseed in the distance lined the hillsides like a tasty buttercream frosting.

Turquoise waters, cloud reflections, heaven.

The boys dipped their feet, green with envy at the surfers.

And as we wandered back to the car with a new taste for Crantock, we hoped to ourselves that maybe one day we can catch a wave like this with out face-bombing the seabed. What does it hurt to dream?

- MTWP xxx

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