So once we were settled in Jasper, we had a few days here to explore. And I'm so glad we saved the Rockies for the last phase of our trip. We had the option of flying in to Calgary and completing our trip backwards but we opted for the other way around as we wanted the awe inspiring peaks to be the finale. It was a great choice.

Whistlers Mountain

We absolutely wanted to get up high and see Jasper from above, but with only 3/4 days here, we didn't want to use an entire day hiking. Also, with recent snowfall, this made sticking to designated routes a touch tricky. So we headed up Whistlers Mountain. The best thing about this mountain is that you can get most of the way up by cable car.

The view going up is incredible. It takes you 2,300 metres up and is the longest and highest aerial tramway in Canada.

With recent snowfall, the surroundings were at their best.

Be sure to wrap up warm. It can be extra windy and chilly up there. The icicles were really putting on a show for us as we departed our carriage.

It felt like we were really amongst the clouds.

The view of Jasper from way up high is spectacular. You can make out the entire town and surrounding lakes. And most amazing of all, you really get a glimpse of how secluded it is and the surrounding miles of nothing but nature.

When you get to the lookout at the end of the tramway, there is a little more you can hike if interested. I warn you it is slippery. The snow is deep and the paths wobbly. Absolutely worth the adventure though.

Kitted out in our walking boots, we wobbled our way through snowy trails.

It really feels like you're on top of the world. The air sounds so different up here.

Obligatory dangle your legs over the edge... I absolutely wouldn't have without the rails haha!

We sat on the edge and watched as the clouds passed us by.

Sometimes I'm pretty sure they were so close, we were in them.

Something about being up high, out of the hustle and bustle, surrounded by snow, few people and nothing but silence for miles - it does something for the soul that nothing can match.

After a day of exploring the highs of Jasper, we headed into town for dinner. We found a cute little Italian and snuggled up with cocktails. Jasper has a lot of different cuisines to offer for such a small town and actually, being that it is the only town for miles, it has quite a busy evening scene.

Dazed from the day's exploring, slightly wind burnt and scruffy haired, we filled ourselves to the brim....

...waved goodbye to a beautiful day with a wonderful pink sky and went off to sleep before our next Jasper flavoured adventure.


- MTWP xxx

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