Back to all things London after a few throwback posts from recent travels. I love London. Always have, always will. At one point in our lives, Mr B and I dreamed of packing up and moving to the big smoke - sadly for us, we aren't millionaires! Though we've moved away from that dream as the years have passed by, we still love the odd trip into town to revive our senses.

The colours, the chaos, the culture... if you've seen LaLa Land, in my head I'm singing 'City of staaaarsss' right now - but it's all about our beloved London town.

Last weekend was my Father-in-law's birthday (a little strange to finally be able to call him that) and so the family headed into town for some exploring, with a touch of eating and drinking, to celebrate. Who am I kidding? We filled our faces.

It all started with an early morning meet up in Westminster.

I am always amazed by the scale of Big Ben! Coffee and pastries to go, we hopped on our boat. As we drifted off down the Thames we watched the silhoettes on the bridge shrink into the distance.

We cruised past the London eye towering over us, looking up we couldn't believe the blue skies this January morning offered us!

Nothing like a little patriotism in our lovely London town.

With a hilarious commentary and amazing weather to highlight such stunning views of the city skyline, we started to pick up a few hitchhikers.

Mr B set up our go pro and filmed a little of the journey - I can't recommend City Cruises enough. Really informative, comfortable and most importantly, decent toilets. We got a return ticket from Westminster all the way to Greenwich for around £16.50!

We bobbed along, past tower bridge and into the metropolis that is Canary Wharf.

We all enjoyed the journey with the added entertainment from Mr B - he gave us a running commentary of the property values as we passed them for good measure. The sun was determined but it did get a little breezy as we passed Canary Wharf.

We really got our money's worth on the first leg of our journey. A good 70 minutes later we stepped on to Greenwich Pier.

The beautiful Cutty Sark catching the afternoon light.

We'd barely blinked and my Father-in-law was off in the distance, nose through the door of the first real ale pub he could find! It would have been rude to make the birthday boy drink alone.

After indulging in a glass of wine or two, we had a mooch around Greenwich Market (try the Churros - the Dulche De Leche are the best!)

After ensuring we had consumed more calories than we'd burned whilst exploring, we hopped back on the next boat and headed back to Tower Bridge.

On the way back I took some time to admire the character of the beautiful Wharf fronts along the Thames. I totally lust after buildings like this. Both Mr B & I love anything industrial - our current home is a converted copper mill <3

With the landmarks returning into view, we prepared to disembark.

Off we got, with a quick wave to the shard as we wandered off through the streets of London.

The clouds were brewing a perfect storm and so my Father-in-law hopped into yet another bar! A sneaky G&T on your walk to lunch anyone?!

Apparently, with age comes great judgement ;) (Sorry Snr. B - I don't really think you are old) The heavens opened and the hail escaped the cloud. It was pretty cosy watching it through the little bar windows. A nice little find actually - A tiny bar, only bar stools - no ordinary seating. A good place to stop to quench your thirst but not an all night venue in my opinion. Though they do have a roof terrace.

When the hail subsided and our glasses were suitably dry, we headed out into the damp London air. Views like the next one are why I love london.

Next Stop, lunch & cocktails at The Alchemist. If there is anything you should take away from this post, make it this. You MUST go here. A culinary adventure! Excuse the random photogrophy skills (or lack thereof) here, as soon as there is food involved, I forget myself.

There is a really cool, bustling bar as you enter. Once welcomed inside, we were led up some stairs into the restaurant out back. Industrial, quirky and totally novel - I knew I was going to enjoy the next few hours of my life instantly.

The stationary is amazing. I have this thing for stationary. I found myself stroking it as I selected my first cocktail from a periodic table of potions. Reasonably priced for a stylised restaurant in the city. At an average fo about £9-£10 for a cocktail - but an entertaining one at least!

When the first round arrived in lots of different test tubes that you mix up yourself, we alll got excited. As one of us had dry ice dumped in our glass, the smoke erupted and we applauded with glee.

How do you decide between cocktails containing syringes of absinthe, ice balls filled with fresh flowers and some even tainted with washing up liquid to make them foamy?! The bar is an array of activity, the odd bunson burner and flashes of fire erupting as the night goes on. Mr B finished with a smoked whiskey, smoked right at our table.

I will definately return here. If that wasn't enough, the food was decent too and again it's not a cheap eats but it won't break the bank.

After a mini waterfight between the boys with the syringe, totally full and needing a walk, we headed back out into the streets of London in search of somewhere new.

So it turns out a lot of places in 'The City' close early and the trendy places (like Sky garden) are difficult to get into. Who'd have thought hah. We ended up passing a small doorway boasting real ale and as you start to sense a pattern, Snr. B was already in and halfway down the stairs before I'd even clocked the door!

What.A.Find! The Cannick Tapps was about to close for a private event but said we'd could stay for an hour. It felt like a no brainer. Following the pattern of the day: the beer taps, industrial decor and fact we were alone, it all meant we couldn't refuse.

Apparently they hold a quiz night here. I'd imagine it is a great venue for that and the staff were lovely.

As we left in search of another venue, drinking our way about town, we passed the beautiful St Paul's. Possibly my favourite building in London, although very closely followed by the Shard.

After being refused entry at Madisons because their bouncers are *insert nasty descriptive words here* (this has happened to some of us before ;P), we tottered along to the waterside. There was bound to be somewhere near there!

We crossed the Millenium bridge and ended up in the Founders Arms for one final night cap before we bid farewell to this beautiful city that never sleeps.

- MTWP xxx

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