Back again after a bit of a quiet week. Last week was pretty busy. I was surprised by a beautiful baby shower on Sunday, spent all week trying to finish baby preparations (which are now complete wahoooooooo) and then on Friday I celebrated turning 30! It was pretty exhausting to do all of the above and other bits in between with bump but nonetheless, a pretty special week.

Next up, just like I promised, we head onto the water from Ucluelet for another amazing excursion that I'd highly recommend.

Kayaking the Barkley Sound

We knew we wanted to get a day of kayaking north of Vancouver Island, the wildlife and scenery here is unmatched and the images we'd seen previously meant we couldn't waste the chance!

We chose Majestic Ocean Kayaking based in Ucluelet as our guides. They are adventure focused, environmentally conscious and employ skilled guides with a real passion for kayaking. We spent the day in a tiny group of 6 with a fantastic guide called Shannon. She was unbelievably knowledgeable and very easy going. It was like spending the day kayaking with a mate.

We got to the office early as requested and got kitted out with suitable clothing. We brought everything suitable we had, but Majestic are fantastic at assessing your outfit and getting you properly prepared in suitable layers for your day. They got me into special t-shirt and fleece, best for the days activities - it dries super quick! We loaded up the van, kayaks on trailers, and headed out to our launch point, not more than an hour from Ucluelet.

We met some lovely people on our trip, as I said, only 6 of us and would you believe one of the couples lived only 20 minutes from our home in the UK! What are the chances?!

Having arrived at our launch point, we got all of the gear off the van and down to the tiny bay overlooking the beautiful Barkley Sound. It's totally secluded and resources are super limited, the only thing around was a portaloo, which was absolutely grim but I held my nose and embraced it as it was the last toilet until we made it back to Ucluelet that evening. At one with nature so to speak...

All set up and kayaks loaded with the days supplies, we hopped in - me not so gracefully - and headed out onto the water.

The weather was glorious and the scenery stunning. With absolutely nothing along the coast line and just sparkly blue water ahead.

We spent the morning kayaking passed luscious trees and clouded horizons.

Occasionally dipping into coves to explore the wildlife in the crystal clear waters.

The sun was shining, water calm and the surroundings silent apart from the swish of our paddles every few seconds.

We headed past mountains, through kelp forests, into tiny little island clusters and all the while, being told fascinating facts by Shannon. We even tasted sea asparagus straight out of the water, met a few seals along the way and squished little pods of plants to get the natural SPF out, for which my lips and nose were grateful in the sunshine!

We stopped mid morning for an energy bar break and rest float - snacks supplied by Majestic and gratefully received. It is quite tiring paddling, especially if you're anything like me with absolutely zero upper body strength.

After a full on morning exploring, we spied out a tiny little island that looked like it had a beach suitable for lunch.

Literally untouched and nothing but trees and rocks, we clambered onto the pebbles and safely onto dry land. Check out my sexy outfit!

Celebrating the rest stop and a much needed but very outdoorsy wee on the rocks (with my new friends far too close for comfort), we made ourselves at home.

The little beach was beautiful. So calming and tranquil. I don't think I've ever been quite as off grid as this.

Here's the rest of our possy getting comfy.

After a little explore, we settled down for lunch.

A fantastic spread put on my Majestic, with make-your-own bagels and homemade cookies and fresh fruit. I was amazed it all condensed down and into our kayaks. They really are pro at this kind of thing.

Even mustard and relishes for our bagels!

Mr B clearly opted for a manwich...

I just opted for man style eating - very graceful.

Once we were all full and ready to move on, we all jumped back in our vessels and departed the beautiful little land I'd probably never be able to find again.

Full of yummy calories, we cruised across the sound, towards more broken islands to explore.

The waters were so clear.

There were starfish everywhere! Purple ones, Orange ones, red ones, big ones, little ones, prickly much to see!

Finishing our day in the late afternoon, we took one final paddle across the sound and back to the launch bay we'd began. I can tell you that the final stretch was absolutely exhausting! When you're cruising along the coast or amongst the islands, the paddling is fairly easy. But once you get out into open water and are aiming for the tiny dot on the horizon, over the vast gosh does it take it out of you. But it's the most peaceful place to be. You really feel a sense of nothingness surrounding you and beneath you.

Once back, we loaded the van once again and headed back to Ucluelet, all rather quiet and drowsy. Mr B even fell asleep in the van haha.

The evening ahead of us was filled with little energy but glowing from the days adventure, so we stopped by the quirky car lot food court again and picked up burgers and a tub of ice cream from Chocolate Tofino to take 'home'.

Carbs and dairy overload in our cabin in the woods, there was no struggle to fall asleep that night as we drifted away into a dreamy waterworld filled with starfish and seals and everything kinda wonderful.

- MTWP xxx

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