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Helloooo! I absolutely meant to get back on it when I posted my last post of Vancouver. I don't really know what happened! Time seems to be flying by like something out of back to the future (I've been busy, lazy, tired - all of the above).

I mentioned back in my last post that Mr B and I were expecting and you've probably seen over my insta that things are progressing nicely. I do try to keep the baby spam to it's own little area as I know it's not that relevant to those who follow my usual stuff - but she will likely make an appearance or two as time goes by. Only 9 weeks and 3 days until our due date. Madness! We're pretty much ready for her now and that's likely the main reason I've been so incognito on here. But if ever there is a pause, I'm still pretty active on insta/stories now I have the time and I love sharing & following you all :)

So, I woke up this morning after a night of some decent sleep following 3 days of annoying insomnia and just had an urge to get back to it. If it makes you happy, do it, right?

So here it is. The next installment of our Canadian roadtrip - I'll share my recommended itinerary in full once I've covered the whole trip. Happy reading xxx

Heading out of the city

Grouse Mountain

On our stay in Vancouver, we knew we'd be heading out of the city for some exploring. The whole roadtrip was generally about the great outdoors and so having had our fill of city streets, we awoke the car from it's underground bed and headed out of the city - maps and roadtrip pack equipped.

Passing through the beautiful Stanley park again.

We headed first to Grouse Mountain - the peak of Vancouver, located close to the city, just 15 minutes away. The skyscrapers are left behind fairly quickly and the scenery turns thick with forest and lined with luxury homes as you go.

You can hike up or down Grouse mountain if you like, we decided to take the skyride which was a nice easy way to take in the view and escape into the clouds.

The higher we crept, the thicker the sky got. we could just make out the distant view of Vancouver and the surrounding area. It was breathtaking.

As we neared a mid-point, climbing higher and higher, we were immersed in cloud. It was like a lift to heaven. So peculiar to see nothing but cloud yet the occasional tree would poke out! The check points were a little hair-raising for me as the cabin gave an unnerving jolt and swing at each marker. I didn't fancy a quick and accidental descent down the from the mammoth height we had just been carried.

Nothing but cables in view! You can get a good view of the mountains too on a really clear day but we headed up early and this probably contributed to our heaven ascent. There's something I quite like about that though, it symbolises just how high up you are travelling.

As we reached the top, some more trees and a building crept into view.

The light from way up high was just magical. The sun shone through the haze and illuminated the trees. We'd arrived in another land.

Without showing too much - as I'd like to encourage people to visit instead of showing you every last inch of the place - the mountain top is dotted with beautiful wood carvings, a restaurant and many other activities for you to explore.

The views into the surrounding mountain and trees with the floating clouds were breathtaking.

And my favourite thing of all, atop this great beast are other great beasts. Beautiful, furry bears - orphaned and cared for on the mountain. The safest way we could see these natives the whole trip!

They played in the water and put on a wonderful display as they happily patrolled their mountain home.

One was a little cheekier than the other.

Watching them bob apples, I could have stayed there for hours. Just seeing their teeth and claws made me realise how little I wanted to encounter one on the rest of our travels.

A small tip. You'll want to stay and watch them all day. Bring bug repellant! They do have a knack for attracting the itchy scratchy kinda bug.

Not only just for the wildlife, it is worth a visit to Grouse mountain for their famous lumberjack show. We had very little expectation but it was thoroughly entertaining. At times a little terrifying. I did close my eyes once or twice.

Following an enjoyable morning and bloody good cup of chai with a view in the clouds, the sky cleared and we began to make our descent back to the land below.

We parted the cloud as we cruised.

The damp leaving its mark on our windows as the tree line returned to view.

Another glorious Vancouver day revealed.

From here we made the decision to head to Lynn Canyon. Also known as the best kept secret. I found it on a similar travel blog! You can visit the well known Capilano suspension bridge but we'd heard this can get incredibly busy and the tickets were ridiculously expensive. Lynn Canyon is a smaller suspension bridge surrounded by woodland walks and falls, apparently more natural in presence and less touristy but most importantly it is FREE! Based on the sort of trip we were after, grouse mountain was at the limit of our 'tourist attraction' acceptability and so we opted for Lynn Canyon instead. And it wasn't a mistake!

Well the suspension bridge was. I'm not a fan of heights. Swaying over them - definitely not. I basically ran over the bridge, cementing our decision not to pay for the Capilano thoroughly in the 'good choice' list.

Managed to stop for a photo at the non swaying end but the photo before this was too tragic to share haha. Mr B's expression is actually saying 'you're such a loser'.

Happily on solid ground, we took to the trails towards the falls. Having seen the bears earlier that day, I spent the entire time convinced I'd be eaten by a bear - I'm still not sure to this day if they even roam this area!

The water was beautiful...inviting.

Some braved the the jumps into the pools. There are no signs preventing this, if that's your cup of tea.

The colours of the woodland were insane. Thick, lush scenery and dense forest, I very much got the Muir woods vibes. In England we do woodlands well, but nothing can prepare you for the height and scale of these trees.

Looking up, I found myself very much in the midst of the feeling I was seeking from this trip. Getting lost in the trees and seeing the wild world...

...I was in my element, the elements, the beautiful reason I believe we exist - to indulge our senses in this magical natural world - yet I was still technically in the city!

- MTWP xxx

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