Happy Monday All! I'm guessing you all feel as enthusiastic about going back to work as me after the beautiful weather we've just had. Not to worry. A super long weekend is coming next weekend! To ease into Monday and as promised in previous posts - here's a mini post on a lovely little pub hotel on the north coast of Norfolk. A delightful little find and we got it in the January sales  :D

If you have no plans for the long weekend (And by some miracle they have availability - this is a gem so it wouldn't surprise me if it was booked up) then I thoroughly recommend The Chequers Inn. A beautiful boutique hotel, great little pub, fantastic beer garden and super restaurant. A real delight.

We arrived after a long day of exploring so when we were escorted to our room and I spotted some soft flannel robes as the door was pushed open, I knew at that moment that this hotel and I would get along nicely.

We stayed in Juniper and the decor was fab. Better than we expected.

All shades of grey with a big industrial feel - you know what I'm like. One edison bulb and I'm sold.

The bed was super plush but I daren't lay on it at risk of taking a snooze before dinner - we'd made reservations downstairs in the restaurant - although we were still full from the yummy bloomers back in my last post.

As I do always... a quick rummage around to see what's on offer - toiletries, snacks, anything I can get my hands on! I have a little bit of an obsession. My relationship with hotel rooms is one of an informal nature. I don't take my shoes off, I don't buy her a drink and before we've barely been introduced, I'm rummaging around in her draws.

Upon opening the bathroom door, I was super excited to find another roll top bath. The bathroom was amazeballs. Walk in shower, giant tub, huge fluffy towels and floor tiles of dreams.

So unusual. Love the honeycomb layout.

I spotted a strange lady in the mirror too.

ESPA toiletries <3 <3 I absolutely love this range, especially the shampoo. If ever we get these in a hotel, I definitely pop in my bag any extra we don't use. It is heaven and it makes your hair super shiny.

Obligatory pretty light shot.

The Chequers Inn offer a well stocked complimentary tea & coffee tray, of which I didn't hesitate to prepare a cafetiere and munch on the choc chip cookies (like I said before, I wasn't even hungry but I felt obligated :P ) And...to Mr B's delight, a generous measure of Port to tuck into!

Deciding we couldn't quite force a full meal, we headed down to the bar for a drink. We discovered a cosy little 'snug' out of the way. Filled with games, squishy sofas and a crackling fire. Couldn't resist.

We tucked ourselves up nicely in two giant arm chairs by the fire and Mr B went off in search of gin. He returned with some sort of mediterranean olive gin - unusual to say the least - and a dessert menu. That's why I married him. He knows as I know that dessert is ALWAYS a separate stomach.

Pudding ordered (the staff were very accommodating and let us order it to the snug), drink in hand, toes toasty, we settled down to some card games. Sometimes, what you really need is some time away from technology. Just a little blip in the day where you're not connected to what feels like the rest of the universe. Where you have eachother's attention and are reliant solely on the other person in the room to entertain you. Old skool bonding. Perfect.

If you don't have a significant other, Fever Tree works well as an accompaniment too ;)

When puddings arrived, I was pleasantly surprised.  The presentation was so much...more.... than I expected.

A chocolate mousse and Carrot cake to die for. I was almost a little gutted we couldn't fit dinner after sampling these. After beating Mr B at cards (doing a little celebratory dance as I type) we headed back to our room with warm glowing cheeks from the fire.

I couldn't wait to jump in the tub!

Bubbles :) You all make a beard like Santa right? Sometimes, if I'm feeling extra creative, I make a hat too hehe.

Only one more ingredient to make it perfect... some company.

Put your filthy mind away! I left Mr B watching the news :') I sipped away until my heart was content with the comfort of my bubble beard. Some moments are sacred. Marriage or not, me and my bubble beard are not for sharing.

Belly full, smelling of pretty toiletries and cosy in the fluffy robes, falling asleep wasn't difficult that night. Waking up for breakfast wasn't too hard either.

From decor, food &, friendly staff to its beautiful location - this hotel is worth the stay. I know I say it a lot but - and just to make clear, if it was crap I would say so too - I would like to go back.

A lovely little sanctuary, even just one night is enough to chase away a long, stressful week and help remind one about what's important.

- MTWP xxx

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