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For Valentine's weekend, we cashed in on Mr B's Christmas present from me - a weekend away in Wiltshire with a stop in to the beautiful city of Bath along the way. We'd planned everything we wanted to do and see quite a bit in advance (with the help of Pinterest of course) and were really, really, REALLY looking forward to the trip.

When the weekend arrived we were shattered from both having crazy weeks at work and just general life admin. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time. On Valentine's day itself we kept it very low key. Just the two of us, snuggled on the sofa, pasta and a movie. Perfectly us. But now we had a moment to stop and breath from everyday life and it was time to chillax.

Our first stop, the Thermae Bath Spa! We left a little later than anticipated in the morning as we both needed a mini lie-in. After the week before, getting up at 8am instead of 6am was sheer luxury! Having arrived a little later than expected we were confronted with a queue at the spa. They ridiculously do not allow you to book timed slots on their website - Thermae Bath Spa, if ever by some weird miracle - you read this, get with the times! Still, grateful for some chill time, we hopped in line and took in our pretty surroundings as we waited. Thankfully the weather was kind - more than kind in fact for February. The last time we spent Valentine's day in Bath (a few years ago now) it snowed! Quite the contrast.

Once inside, we grabbed our robes, flip flops (you get to keep these!) and towels and wandered into the changing rooms to get naked-ish. You certainly feel exposed stripping off in February. My Christmas body hasn't yet been rectified and so I didn't feel too keen to be breaking out my 'winter layers'. However, a robe will hide a multitude of sins.

Then I spotted a sign that made me both giggle and get irritated.

It is worth noting - Thermae Bath Spa is more of a tourist destination than therapeutic, thought provoking sanctuary. It can be very busy, especially at weekends and people certainly don't try to be quiet whilst enjoying the facilities. It is more about mild relaxation with beautiful rooftop views and steaming outdoor pools. So the fact that you couldn't take a photo like it was a sacred peace haven did seem a little extreme to me. Personally, I think they are missing a trick as the views are breathtaking and it would act as free marketing for them.

Nonetheless, I actually had no intention of bringing my camera in - it was some off grid us time I was after. Couldn't resist the above snap beforehand though.

Also worth noting... Just because I abide by the rules, doesn't mean Mr B does - here's a sneaky shot of his smug 'I have a GoPro in my pocket' face. His secret rebellion did made me chuckle, especially considering he is normally very cooperative with rules.

We found a quiet little corner of the rooftop spa, overlooking Bath Abbey, and positioned ourselves perfectly. Sat in the Jacuzzi bubbles, taking in the fresh air, the views and the glorious sunshine amongst the brochure worthy rooftop steam. I'm sure we both fell asleep at one point - not recommended. After almost a couple of hours of relaxation and ridiculously pruney fingers and toes, it was time to dash out of the water to our robes -  faster than should be encouraged with soggy feet and slippery surfaces I might add. Sunshine or not, it is still February!

A handy tip: Most spa experiences last 2 hours, with 30 minutes allowed for changing. If you head to the Spa Café, you can stay as long as you like and they add this onto your spa time. It adds to the experience, makes you feel far less rushed to leave and let's face it, the promise of a meal and a glass of bubbly is pretty damn inviting. The food is nice and reasonably priced considering the spa itself is very expensive to get into. Definitely worth the treat.

We stopped in for a glass of bubbly and some sarnies. Just in case we lost a few lbs sleeping in the pool of course - couldn't risk that ;)

Once we'd rested our soggy bottoms and filled our tums (whilst taking in the lovely view of the quiet little square outside) it was time to head back down and throw our clothes back on. Thoroughly relaxed and a little high on life, we wandered back into the beautiful streets of Bath to explore!

Bath is lined with beautiful buildings, quaint little streets and stunning silhouettes of amazing architecture as far as the eye can see. It's a very romantic place to visit and one of my favourite cities in the UK.

We strolled past the Abbey basking in the unbelievable February sunshine and watched the busy Saturday shoppers roll on by.

Bath is filled with a great selection of shops too if the sightseeing isn't your cup of tea.

We wandered down to the river and through an impressive little park on the bank. There were people sitting on the grass, families playing games, couples holding hands - you'd have thought it was a lovely summery day in June!

But if you looked closely, the first glimpses of spring were giving the truth away.

No matter the angle, there is always a pretty view, framed neatly by its surroundings here.

People passed by on boats as pedestrians waved goofily. People are nice when the weather is good.

We headed up to the famous Pulteney Bridge - I could sit and drink this atmosphere in all day.

Some cheeky kayakers passed us by too - cannot wait to get our kayak back out this year, it was neglected a tad in our wedding planning year last year.

The views and the light were pretty special.

Passing by limestone streets and views for miles up the hills and terraces of a 'staggeringly' spectacular city.

The later it got, the better the sun lit up the streets like they were parading it's glory just for us.

A very flattering light still didn't encourage me to allow a shot of myself but I didn't mind snapping a few of Mr B.

How can you not be amazed by life when you take a look around and see things as beautiful as this. The sun did that.

We even had the occasional drive-by of a horse and carriage. I couldn't resist a quick snap of them framed with the sun and city silhouette.

The promise of better seasons to come were creeping out everywhere.

I'm normally creeped out by graveyards but the evening's light made even me forget this as we stumbled upon possibly the most beautiful one I have ever seen.

Over the river we went, aimlessly exploring, chatting, breaking from routine and relaxing from life's little stresses. The week was long forgotten by now.

As we headed back into the busy streets, the lovely buildings started to creep back into view.

Amongst them; hidden treats and treasure troves. Some stood out more than others to me - funnily enough it was those that displayed cakes that magnetised me that little bit more.

We stepped inside a cute little cake shop seeking delectable rewards - we were in luck. A rocky road and cheesecake with a couple of steaming lattes were in front of my eyes before I'd even had time to remove my coat. Surely, I'd earned these calories by now? And let's face it, my bikini moment was now over for a few more months at least so I had time to worry about it later - I spend my life in a permanent cycle of eating and telling myself 'Next Monday, I'll be good' - I'll let you know when that Monday I'm talking about actually arrives.

Recharged, we continued along our path up to the Royal Crescent for what was promising to be a lovely sunset.

It seems others predicted that too!

After a short time taking in the famous scene, we continued our stroll to somewhere more peaceful, less touristy and more romantic to wave the day goodbye.

We found ourselves in a quiet field atop a hill as the sun came down and we bid farewell to a perfect Saturday.

The sky turned pink, the birds went quiet and Mr B gave me a sneaky peck on the forehead - my favourite of all gestures - before we wandered back to our chariot, ready to settle down in our cosy hotel for the night.

Come back soon for the next installment, including a new favourite hotel and the rest of our Valentine's exploring <3

- MTWP xxx

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