It has been a while! Things have been a bit chaotic recently. Mainly up, with the odd down but ever remaining pretty cheerful. We have a lot going on at the moment but I've been eager to share a few posts with you of some nice days out & ideas you might like. I've also been dreaming of a cosy 5 minutes to relax while writing and gather back my sanity. I've always loved writing. Maybe I love it as much as taking photos.

So here it is. The next installment I'm knocking up whilst I'm sprawled across the sofa on a Tuesday night having had a crazy day. I'm in my zone. Do not disturb signs are up. I've got a coffee, it has whipped cream on - this means 'interfere at your own peril'.

I've got a great, quirky, boozy, little pop up for you if you're in town (I mean London in case anyone ever questions this!) before April 2nd and it comes at a great price! *Read on, Read on* your inner alcoholic self shouts. Be patient and read the rest before you get to the main event ;)

To Start

Kingly Court

I've always wanted to drop in and eat here, having passed by before and 'oohed' at its prettiness. It just so happens that when I googled 'healthyish restaurants in Soho' - still kidding myself with the diet (I'm on day 2 AGAIN ), Le Bab popped up. A "gourmet kebab restaurant" situated amongst the pattering of passing feet and murmuring of chatty crowds in Kingly Court.

Kingly court is filled with colourful eateries, twinkling lights and a mixture of cuisines to tempt every tastebud.

I'd like to try out Rum Kitchen next time I think.

The panorama really doesn't do it justice. Even if you're not eating, it's worth pulling up a seat in its courtyard to watch the world pass you by.

I arrived much earlier than Mr B so treated myself to a cocktail. We quickly forgot the healthy eating mantra when taking a look at their very small but well rounded menu. We have a super soft spot for mediterranean food, given my Turkish-Cypriot heritage. We shared the naan and hummus - you can't go wrong with that. Followed by the Le Bab Bhajis - Braised lamb shoulder, beef shin and onion bhajis with smoked chilli mayo. These were delicious, the portion was incredibly small for the price but it is Central London I guess. These left us wanting more!

For dinner we shared the 15 hour free range pork shawarma kebab with pickled kohlrabi, roasted broccoli tabbouleh, crackling, chermoula mayo along with the corn fed chicken shish dripping with squash hummus, garlic toum and pickled heritage carrots. Both were delish, the pork definitely superior!

A great little restaurant. LITTLE being the focus there. It's intimate, it's loud, it's close, it's fun, it's social, it's relaxed. Great for a casual night with friends if you're used to paying London prices for small portions. Food is delicious and full of flavour and although desperate for a little more quantity, quality is not questionable. Worth the visit, but not a regular eats place for me.

Nestled amongst the bright lights and beautiful little streets of Soho, Kingly Court places you right in the action. Following a tasty dinner we wandered back out into the characterful, cobbled trails of the city.

I get quite excited when I see the twinkly Carnaby sign.

The Main Event

Smith & Sinclair's 'The Flavour Rooms', Carnaby

Filling an unsuspecting little shop amongst all of the cool bars, traditional pubs, busy restaurants and all too familiar highstreet retailers, is a bar like no other.

The Flavour Rooms, Carnaby is the latest in cool pop up events to arrive in London. Gin themed - drink of the moment - this pop up offers an alcoholic sweet shop upstairs and below deck an 'Experimental Tanqueray Garnish Bar.'

What's one of those? Well, in simple terms; Tanqueray based cocktails served with edible garnishes of your choice that come in various interesting and unusual forms. That sentence is almost definitely why I'm not in marketing.

From edible perfume (above), oils, jellied pearls or tasty lollipops - each cocktail brings an opportunity to 'funk it up'. I chose one offering lavender flavours that changed from blue to purple as you pour. The cocktails are certainly unique in flavour.

It's all a bit of fun.

The bar doesn't boast sophistication or glamour and the whole venue has a temporary, pop up vibe but nonetheless, delivered well and highly entertaining. You get a chance to eat a gin pastille, create a G&T in your mouth by combining powders, perfumes and oils on a spoon and if that isn't random enough, you can have a sniff of the mist - which is as far as I got to finding out what it actually was. Sometimes silliness prevails and I forget to find out what I am actually doing.

For £12 for an hour and a half, including a cocktail and all of the experiences above, whilst the venue is a little rough around the edges, you really can't turn your nose up at the price. A must do if you have a chance to grab tickets. Just for the novelty.

Back out into reality, we took a stroll to get a nightcap before hopping on the tube back home.

The Dessert

SAID dal 1923

The most indulgent hot chocolates I have ever consumed. I've wanted to stop by for ages and SAID is great - it's open til late! A chocolatier meets coffee shop meets wine bar.

It's interior is great, with lots to look at with a cosy, relaxed vibe. It's so 'chill' you almost expect the air to be filled with cigarette smoke and to look around to men in pin striped suits and slicked back hair like a parlour out of the 1920's.

Two medium hot chocolates coming right up. A dark for Mr B and a hazelnut for me.

This isn't for the faint hearted. Practically melted chocolate in a mug. I ate mine with a spoon!

Thick, creamy, naughty and totally worth the calorie sacrifice, I may have felt a little sick after downing the contents in approximately 3 minutes.

After a little more people watching and chat and having licked our mugs clean, we were thoroughly indulged and made for the exit into the night.

London at night is my favourite. Less chaos, flattering street lights, and the ability to see so much more that the chaos of the day's obstructions. Like window displays. How often do you get to stand back and admire the content of a window display when crowds of people push along. Stopping just isn't an option then.

If you actually take a minute to stop and look around, you'll realise how much is going on that we just don't see with our unopened, open eyes.

We edged closer to our station, not wanting to leave the city behind. It sucks you in. Mr B took a moment to take in the amazing kaleidoscopic displays bursting from the windows at Liberty.

Sometimes I find it a shame, how much we pass by when we're busy making a living. We shouldn't forget to make a life.

"It's like driving a car at night. You never see further than your headlights" - E. L. Doctorow

Drink the wine, buy the shoes, eat the cake.

- MTWP xxx

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