The Stable, Kew

Happy Friday Everyone!

Really looking forward to the weekend and hoping you all have lovely plans. If you don't have any major plans and fancy a quick bite to eat, here's a mini post just for you - I totally recommend The Stable . It's a chain of pizza joints with the sole purpose, to satisfy your cravings of pizza, pies & Cider. Pretty Simple. A really casual eats with a relaxed vibe, it's a great date night for chilled dates or a perfect night out for a large group of friends!

We visited the one in Kew after our trip to the orchid festival . In fact, we've been a few times now and it all started from the recommendation of a long time friend we met up with recently. I hope to be able to visit the Fistral Beach one with friends and family on our trip to Cornwall in May.

It's quite industrial looking inside. Simple but stylish interior with plenty of candles to set a nice mood with a well stocked bar, should you not fancy tasting the cider.

The menu is pretty interesting and they do well to keep the pizza toppings new and creative.

Total bar goals. I wouldn't mind having a kitchen big enough to build this style into it!

After a pretty tiring walk in the blustery cold, Mr B waited very patiently for his grub. He's all cute when he looks tired and floofy. <3

First up, the Cider tasting board. In my opinion this is the only way. But don't worry, you don't have to have cider if you don't want it. The board comes with a selection of ciders, we normally let the bartender select their faves, and a little card with tasting notes and names. It's great fun and a brilliant conversation starter if your're with a crowd.

Normally Mr B and I share a board and go in for a second if we can manage the room, but we're often filled with pizza dough before we can order another!

We like an array of sweet and fruity ciders - or just any that sound weird. If you've got the tasting option, you might as well be a little adventurous right?

To accompany the cider grab a starter of garlic bread and olives to share - you won't regret it!

Soon enough after tempting our taste buds, the pizzas arrived. Definitely a one each venue. The pizzas are thin base and perfectly filling if you have one to yourself, you wouldn't want to share one though. If you did, we couldn't be friends. :P

I opted for the shredded lamb, sweet potato and mint - just because it sounded strange. Sure enough, it tasted just like it was described. and mint on a pizza totally works! Who'd have thought?!

This is a great night out and at a reasonable price. If you have room, they do a dessert pizza with chocolate sauce - pretty yummy! But the cheesecake is the all round winner there.

Walk-ins available, the restaurant in Kew was pretty quiet for a Saturday, but book ahead if you're with a crowd. They have fun bench style seating available too!

A pizza says a thousands words. Go grab a pizza the action. Follow it up, with a pizza cake. It's the pizz-de-resistance. Too far? Happy Friday!

- MTWP xxx

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