I'm back as promised after a lovely week away. I hope you all had a fab bank holiday!

We spent a lovely weekend with family in Dorset. Mr B's, brother's, girlfriend's, family (wow that was long) has a caravan down at Durdle Door. It was our last trip as a six before baby arrives so it was great to get some time together. Following that, Mr B and I headed down to Watergate Bay for a babymoon. We had the most incredible week of weather, food and being pampered. We reigned it right back from our usual exploratory selves and we just embraced spending time in our favourite place as a two. Mr B took the opportunity to perfect his surfing skills too - unfortunately my ever growing tummy obstruction prevented this but next time I'll be back in that water!

The time together was fab and I'll cherish those memories.

We finished up with a bank holiday at home which was a touch uncomfortable to say the least. Pregnancy is in full swing now and in the past week seems to have ramped up to cliché mode. Swollen ankles, back ache and expanding at every seam! The humidity was almost unbearable but thankfully I survived and today's rain was an absolute godsend. So much so, I've been in my pants, on my sofa, all day with the windows wide open listening to the sound. This post is a touch later than I'd planned but I've clearly been busy haha.

Back to Canada we head, to one of my favourite destinations of all time. One we plan to return to as a family. Over the next 4 or so posts, I'm going to cover my favourite areas and experiences of our entire road trip, if you follow along to any, these are the ones you shouldn't miss. I hope you enjoy.


Long Beach

Departing Qualicum Beach early, we headed across the island and north to Tofino. My absolute favourite Canadian destination. The drive to Tofino is as picturesque as the journey from Port Renfrew to Qualicum, endless forests lining the way.

Tofino and Ucluelet are fairly close towns both on the Pacific Rim. We chose to spend our time based in Tofino as it had a much more surfer-vibe with a slightly busier town. Ucluelet was beautiful too and we did visit but it is far more secluded making dinner opportunities more tricky. If you want more seclusion, head to Ucluelet. A town with the best motto - "Hard to say, harder to forget".

That being said, our Tofino Airbnb definitely felt deserted. Hidden amongst the forest, engulfed in trees - This was my favourite of all our accommodation and I was so pleased we were here for a number of nights. It really was heavenly.

A beautiful wooden lodge nestled in the woods, it had heated concrete floors, really attractive interior and views of woodland from every window.

Settled in our little hideaway, we headed to Long Beach in the Pacific Rim National Park,. I would go as far as to say this is my second favourite beach in the world to Watergate Bay. It gave me all of the Cornwall feels with a twist.

It is a popular surf beach that goes on for miles with stunning views in every direction. The added Canadian treat of being lined with forest down to the sand was beautiful and left us feeling in awe of the sea mist that blanketed the horizon.

Just like all of the beaches before, the driftwood trees decorated the shore.

Long beach is great for plane spotting too, with many sea planes cruising by as you go. Something that gave my tummy a nervous flip, knowing what tomorrow had in store (that post will be with you tomorrow, it's pretty special so stick around).

The sun kissed the sand with a warm, delicious glow, silhouetting the surfers as it set. Feeling the breeze, smelling the air, warmed by the final light of the day - this was one of those moments where you stop and look around and think "yes, this is what life is for".

Wearing my very apt t-shirt, I absorbed each ounce of atmosphere.

Just look how happy Mr B is. It really is one of those perfect places. Even rain would struggle to mask its beauty.

We strolled, chatted and giggled along the sand, messing about with the camera as we went.

Here is some evidence that actually sometimes, that shot, the one you were really after, takes a few practice gos!


We watched the surf and admired the view for a while. A peaceful while.

And even as the sunset, the beach was trickling with life and a vibrancy that only a surf town can bring. With every person stopping for a moment, in the rush of modern life...

... to take a breath and admire the view.

With the setting of the sun came the rising of our appetites and we headed into town for some noms. We found the coolest little pizza place with delicious pizza and tasty beer. Tofino is a modern town with hipster vibes and trendy eateries. It boasts quirky little shops and delicious artisan creations. Being such a small town, the restaurants get incredibly busy, be sure to book ahead where possible.

After a yummy, chilled dinner we went in search of dessert. I'd found a little place on pinterest prior and we headed for Chocolate Tofino. Based in what I can only describe as a parking lot dotted with food vans and small units, it was a great experience to visit. It was clearly where all the surfers hung out and Chocolate Tofino was home to some of the best chocolate and ice cream around, so it was claimed.

It did not disappoint and we visited more than once on our stay.

Delicious ice cream, fairy lights and exploring somewhere new - the greatest way to end a day. I wish someone would pass me a scoop right now!


- MTWP xxx

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