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I think it's really important to touch on other things to do in Tofino and the surrounding area, not just extravagant excursions. With Tofino being our favorite place in Canada, I thought it important to show you some of the other cool stuff they have to offer, though this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Having had a few full on days of adventure and exploration, we woke to an awesome rainstorm pounding on the roof of our log cabin. Snuggly in the woods, we decided not to bother getting out of bed too early. A cosy morning in the woods is a must whilst visiting the area.

The smell of the trees, crunching of the leaves under the water droplets and shadows cast on the windows by the canopy way up high transport you to a mental state worthy of dreams.

When the rain had settled, we headed into town for some shopping & brunch. The effects of the road trip and living out of the car-drobe were really starting to take its toll at this point. Believe it or not, it got worse than this!

Tofino has a great selection of shops. A lot are surf inspired with boho vibes and there are lots of cool souvenirs to purchase too. We managed to get a baby Tofino t-shirt and Orca teddy here - I hope our little bump likes them once she's here.

Having had our fill of shopping, we grabbed some sarnies, buns and coffee to go and headed to a viewpoint to watch a storm roll in. Cheers!

There are lots of places like this dotted all over the island and Canada. The perfect shelter and view to watch the famous canadian mist engulf the trees.

The view was breathtaking. And the let up from a sunny day prior quite refreshing.

I love the tree silhouettes and dimension the mist creates on the horizon. Like something out of a film.

We sat and we watched for a while, taking in the world around us. The slow pace of life in full force. Once the weather had passed, we hopped in the car and down to Chesterman Beach. This is another stunning beach along the west coast, popular for surfers.

Again, on arrival, this beach had an awesome entrance to the sand. Through the trees and out towards the great blue!

Beaches in Canada are just so different to what we know at home. Chesterman beach had cool little plants growing right out of the sand.

it is dotted with pretty little rock pools and lined by forest and even a famous hotel if that is what you're after.

Driftwood lines the sand just like Long Beach and there are some amazing pieces to spot.

Whilst the sun was out, the weather left behind a mild wind that was pretty entertaining for Mr B - he chuckled as he watched me be suffocated by my hair.

Looking across to the horizon, rows of trees branched out from the mainland and can be seen going right out to the water. An absolute paradise.

That light mist in the distance and silhouettes of walkers creating the classic Vancouver Island scene.

We wandered, we watched, we played... absorbing all it had to offer.

Mr B pretending he was Thor...

Along the beach, if you look closely enough, you can spy beautiful cabins and beach houses. I wonder what it must be like to live there. Oh the storms they must see!

We finished up by exploring the rock pools.

Before heading back through the trees and to our suitcase on wheels.

What better way to finish a beach walk that to fill our faces with beer. Just up the road is the Tofino Brewing Company. A super trendy brewhouse and warehouse bar to sample the goods.

We both got cosy and ordered a beer flight each. I love vineyards, breweries and distilleries - I find sampling all the delights so exciting - even if I don't like the taste hah. Thankfully, these were all yummy.

Mr B was suitably pleased with his tastings. Tofino Brewing Company encompasses the Tofino surf vibe. The walls are dotted with stunning prints of local beaches and the branding of everything in this newly opened and renovated brewpub is so well put together, it is absolute marketing goals. London would be proud to home such an awesome bar, let alone hidden away on this tiny island on the pacific coast.

It gave me all the Maui Brewing Company feels - maybe I'll write a post on that one too at some point. I have quite a few Maui recommendations I might get out actually.

Bellies full of beer, we headed back to our favourite local car lot for some munch. This time, the much anticipated, famous and original van - Tacofino!

We'd missed out on this on the previous two occasions because once they sell out they close up and it is incredibly popular! In the evening, the queue of surfers can go on for ages!

I love the vibe this informal and totally chilled van gives off. We got some pretty epic crispy chicken and fish burritos and devoured every crumb, all washed down with watermelon juice and a shed load of sour cream and guac. It did not disappoint! A must visit in Tofino.

Something worth adding by now about our road trip - as well as pre-prepared epic road trip playlists, car entertainment was essential. One of my daily treats was 'Moustache of the day' - it had us giggling on many occasions.

Mr B was often dragged into my curious sense of humour.

Round sunny bends, along water edged tarmac and down forest draped roads we travelled - exploring all that this corner of the world had to offer. These highlights really are just a small fraction of what is on offer here and the pictures do not do this place justice at all.

If you are considering a trip to this part of the world, make Tofino your must see - not just an addition. Leaving it behind was incredibly hard and finishing up on this set of posts harder, knowing it will be some time before I see it again. But I will definitely see it again. As we leave behind the posts on Tofino, tomorrow takes us back off of Vancouver Island and onto mountainous views - stick around to see more of what British Columbia has to offer.

Beautiful 'Tuff', I left a piece of my heart there and one day I'll come back for it.


- MTWP xxx

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