Happy New Year! I can't believe it's 2018 already. It's been a busy couple of months for Mr B and I and you may have noticed a brief silence - but I'm back! Before we get into the nitty gritty of 2018, I've got some serious backlog to share with you. Whether you're looking for an ultimate road trip or a quick weekend getaway on home turf, over the next month I will be bringing you lots of stuff to sink your teeth into (or at least your butt in a chair with a coffee). Also, the main reason for clearing the backlog is because I don't plan on leaving the flat until it's warmer. I am done with winter!

First up, and what is the beginning of a long string of posts about possibly the biggest adventure of our lives so far...

Our Canadian Road Trip

In September we headed out to west coast Canada, landing in Vancouver. Straight from the airport, we picked up a car (A VW Tiguan - a perfect road trip companion - sort of 4x4 but smaller. Perfect for 2 and the seats make a brilliant wardrobe ;P)

We followed our first gypsy guide into the city. There are lots for Canada and it's a great way to do your own thing but actually learn about a place too. Parking in the city was a bit more complicated than anticipated and we gave in to a pricey hotel car park for the duration of our stay, partly because we just couldn't be bothered to stress it. But big tip if you're on a budget, plan ahead!

Staying in a majority of Airbnb 's for our trip, we headed to our first one . The views did not disappoint.

Something worth highlighting early on in this post. My shots of Vancouver are the worst of the entire trip, mainly from my phone, with a lot of gaps. There's a reason I'm pointing this out. The cause - jet lag! Even if Vancouver is not top of your list, I recommend stopping by at the beginning of your trip for at least a couple of days. Travelling from the UK, Mr B and I struggled so much with jet lag at the start of our trip.

As a result, the photos are a bit meh. Being in a city has a big benefit. Everywhere has opening hours better suited to that of a nocturnal creature and there are more Starbucks than you could ever possibly imagine! Break yourself in gently and use this as an adjustment stop, TRUST ME!

Trying not to get carried away with the view from our bed of the sky scrapers, we headed out into the refreshing air to try and stay awake...at 1pm!

Vancouver is a beautiful city. Red brick buildings, industrial vibes and a huge oriental influence that we didn't expect. Apparently home to some of the best sushi, if that floats your boat. It sinks my ship, bleugh!

There is plenty to keep you amused as you explore...

Some parts of it gave me a flicker of New York memories.

We headed up Vancouver lookout. The best way to get acquainted with any city is from up high.

The sky was thick with an unusual light. Around the time we travelled, BC had suffered many devastating wildfires, creating an almost smog-like sky.

The views of the harbour and the distant mountains excited us for what was to come.

The contrast between cityscape and nature breathtaking, unlike anywhere I'd visited before. Washington State's Mount Baker glowing on the horizon over 60 miles away.

Lot's of sea planes landed in the harbour and it wasn't really until that moment that I knew this was an adventure I wanted to take (regardless of my fear of flying) - but I'll save that for another day.

Pulling out our trusty binoculars, we explored. Yes, on this road trip we meant business. Bring binoculars.

Look at her! The mountain, not me.

My favourite area of Vancouver was gastown. A real industrial, trendy vibe. You can see the red brick lining the way.

It makes for some lovely lunch spots al fresco. And a great opportunity to sample Poutine. A national dish, not a fan!

Having had our fill of the variety Vancouver had to offer, the sun began to set and we headed back. Slightly grumpy from exhaustion but happy to have gotten our adventure well under way.

An area worth mentioning if you're visiting Vancouver is Stanley Park . It is stunning. You can hire bikes and cycle the park, exploring the sea wall and stopping by the rose garden.

Forget my two pathetic shots, Google it . You'll understand.

Tucked up in bed at what I believe was 9pm, we settled down with the view of the city, wondering where all of the tiny people on the streets were off to.

Going to sleep in the sky is great, waking up in the sky is better. Awake before sunrise (that jet lag really was a bi***) it had its perks.

We headed to breakfast in the gayest, most perfect, rainbow coloured cafe in all the city, Joe's Cafe . We passed locals as we went.

Feeling revived after coffee and a stack of pancakes as big as our heads, we hopped in our chariot and headed through Stanley park. Out of the city our goal, for a day of exploring in the 'burbs'. Destination, a day in the clouds - up next :)

- MTWP xxx

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