Happy Monday! And rolling into the week of lurrvvvvveeee. I love Valentines day. Not because of the crazy gifts or ridiculously over-priced commercial side of it. But purely because, what better excuse to remind people how much you love them. Obviously we do it everyday but sometimes in the chaos of life we forget. Feb 14th is a little wave to our favourite humans that we're still here saying 'hey, I love the pants off you' - socks, for the little less x-rated.

It seems silly to roll into another Canadian post after the visiuals of my previous and favourite post - Thanks for any messages and hope it encouraged maybe one human to jump on a plane one day and go experience it for themselves.

Next up we have...

Sunwapta Falls

Sunwapta falls is located off of the Sunwapta river and just off of The Icefields Parkway - a stunning road connecting Jasper to Banff. You'll likely recognise it. It's particularly famous and the views will make you understand why.

The falls are surrounded by lush greenery and towering mountain peaks.

The water carves its way through the rock in twists and turns.

Whilst there are signposts and railings for safety, the surroundings are wild. Natural. Unforgiving, if you're not watching your step!

If you're lucky enough to get a sunny day, the turquoise waters will take your breath away.

The upper falls are the most famous and most easily accessible. I wonder how something so simple can be so mesmerising.

Sunwapta falls was our least busy attraction. Knowing it's reputation, we surprisingly didn't struggle to park, view or wander around here. The odd photo was bombed but overall, very kind on the tourist front.

From the sky it looks like a big eye. It has such a cool footprint on the earth.

PLEASE NOTE: DRONE USAGE - Before leaving for BC and Alberta we conducted what we thought was thorough research on drone usage. Not finding a restriction for the national parks at the time (I'm hoping it is clearer now), we followed usual responsibility guidelines and used only where suitable. Part way through our trip we were informed by a kind guide that they are in fact banned in the national parks. We immediately stopped using ours thereafter. I think it's super important to address and acknowledge drone rules and regulations, especially with such controversial press. Drones are brilliant, if used correctly and I'm keen to promote responsible usage. Ironically, within hours of being informed, we finally came across our first no fly zone poster and Mr Droney was safely stowed away. Any aerial photographs in later posts, were in fact taken prior to this information. Not all of my posts are chronological.

Waving goodbye to this beauty, we hopped back on The Icefields Parkway (some of my favourite photographic memories).

Athabasca Falls

Our next location, Athabasca Falls, was very different to the falls before. It was busier than the other and far more visitor friendly, with decking and formalised viewpoints. As a result there were significantly more tourists, like us I know, but some tourists leave a bigger footprint than others. And some in particular leave no footprints at all because they're too busy stepping on other people's toes!

That said, we kept to the quieter paths, avoided any groups and it was still perfectly manageable. I do wonder what it would be like in peak season though. Absolutely worth a visit but if you're only choosing one, I personally prefer Sunwapta.

The golden hour was nearly upon us and the light was incredible. Totally unplanned and every bit grateful.

The falls itself are wide and short. Dropping only 23 metres. But they aren't known for their height. Athabasca is renowned for its force. Even when water levels are low, the sheer volume of water pounding on the rocks beneath creates a thunderous roar.

"Though she be but little, she is fierce" - A Ferocious Beast.

In the early evening light, Mr B forced himself amongst the other tourists for a shot in the mist. Can you spot him?

We wandered along the intertwining turquoise rapids, listening to the water carve the walls as it flowed.

The surrounding mountains and forestry is out of this world.

Having had our fill of the great outdoors, just for the evening of course, we headed 'home' to fuel ourselves.

An absolute cracker of an evening lay ahead and if you're in jasper just for one night, I recommend the following:

Jasper pizza place for all of the dairy loaded carbs - great interior, epic vibes. All washed down with an evening of beer tasting at Jasper Brewing Company. Foolishly I ordered my own tasting board and the challenge between husband and wife was set.

So much beer!

So much delicious beer. We had great fun sampling the treats, Mr B clearly beat me and I declared divorce for not allowing me to win.

Sleepily, merrily, wonderfully glassy-eyed, my moustache and I wobbled home for a much needed snuggle. Don't worry, beer-fuelled, I very quickly forgave my 'unsportsmanly' husband and he came home too. This time, dreaming of flying bears in spinning waterfalls, flowing with golden ales.

Oh what a day!


- MTWP xxx

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