Watergate Bay

I've been looking forward to sharing some Cornwall posts this year. It's taken a few weeks to get em up - my internet is absolutely useless, like living in the years of dial-up doo doo. (Virgin, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASSSEEE bring us fibre soon!)

But it only felt right to make my first post about our absolute favourite place on earth; Watergate Bay. If you follow my insta, you will have seen over the years some of the beauty this magical spot has to offer and you will have read in my captions how much I long to be here when I'm not. Watergate Bay is where Mr B and I said I do. I hope that one day we'll be able to live close enough that it can become a regular short drive & weekend walk rather than a 4.5 hour drive a few times a year!

It's the kind of place that I want to leave a terrible review so that nobody else finds out about it - but I just couldn't do that.

So here it is. In all of her glory. A place like no other. It will steal your heart and wash away your worries. But don't be fooled, when you leave, there is no greater burden than the weight on your heart of not knowing when your toes will get to wriggle on her shores again.

This time around we visited with a long time friend and my sister, her husband and their beautiful little 'Biscuit'. It was pup's first holiday and we could tell from her first impressions that she was a huge fan. In fact, she's been depressed ever since she returned home!

I was equally as excited.

Watergate Bay offers more than just beautiful scenery. It has a collection of restaurants and cosy nooks to hide away in - perfect for a stormy day. Our first stop is always The Beach Hut. Yummy food, naughty cocktails and pretty decor (it has recently been refurbished). Along with the Bay, The Beach Hut is dog-friendly too and a great place if you have a hairier member of the family - and no I don't mean the husbands. Make sure you order the extreme hot chocolate - a proper holiday treat.

This visit we stayed in Denzel, an eco-lodge in "The Village" set behind the hotel. We've stayed in a lot of the different types of accommodation on offer and none have been disappointing. The hotel itself, The Watergate Bay Hotel, was where we were married and the perfect base for a trip here. With its amazing pool and hot tub and coastal chic decor - you'll be super happy you visited. It's an expensive stay but is the epitome of effortless luxury. Super casual but high quality - the 'posh surfer' way of life if you like.

There's also The White House, Waves and The Village. We've sampled all and all are great! They offer different levels of self-catering stay with different price tags. The village being top of the price range and Waves, though not cheap in summer, being the lower end of the scale. With the village you can pay extra for hotel swim club passes out of school holiday time - this is a must if you stay here! This was the option we went for this trip and being early in the year as well as cost divided by 5, it didn't work out too painful for us. Our stay here was fab and the balcony was a great addition.

The best part of Watergate Bay, I've never met a sunset I didn't like! My gosh, they'll take your breath away. Sometimes, I can barely speak. Mr B & I have watched more sunsets here than I can begin to count and every time it's different. They have a power over me I could never begin to explain. They make everything go on pause. Look at this one for yourself.

Whether from the beach, hotel, apartments, cliffside, car park, restaurants - the orange glow will stop you in your tracks, slap you in the face, chew you up, spit you out and make you feel like going home is the worst thing ever - regardless of how much you love home.

Thankfully, the hotel has a pretty superb gin list to help you back to reality after such a display - and some come with pretty flowers.

Even on a cloudy day, Watergate Bay is stunning. Actually, my second favourite view is a good ol' Cornish storm. There is nothing more free than running along the sand on a bitter January day, dipping your toes in the icy water - tights and all, and giggling into the wind.

Whether you're one for surf spotting or surfing yourself - it's a great place for both. On this trip, I gave it a go and I'll definitely be going again! Check out The Extreme Academy for all that you need.

Unfortunately, the sea ate our GoPro so I don't have any embarrassing footage of the waves spitting me out like a ragdoll - every cloud.

A favourite activity of ours is pizza on the beach at sunset - Check out WildBake pizzas and when he's visiting St Anns Cottage, go grab a dinner of dreams. (About 10 mins away by car) Everything is freshly made on the back of a revamped horse trailer and it is yummy and cheap - a refreshing contrast to the delicious but ever so pricey restaurants at the Bay.

Add some bubbly and you're good to go!

Those nights where you watch the sun go down with sand in your toes and the breeze in your hair - they are the moments we live for. Hanging out until we're silhouettes on the shoreline. That's why we breathe. That's the real reason our hearts beat.

Oki pretty deep, but it puts me in some sort of trance. Each evening brings a different light. A photography enthusiast's dream.

And it's flattering to even the grizzliest of bears...

Only kidding, he so purdy. Me love you long time.

After a pretty amazing week of making memories, there is no better way to end your trip, than with a stroll on the sand.

Saying goodbye to the glassy reflections on the shoreline...

...letting your thoughts float away in the orangey mist, dreaming of your return.

- MTWP xxx

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