About Me

Melissa BeckfordI'm Liss. A wanderer of sorts. I love to wonder about wandering in places of wonderfullness. Wondering what an earth I'm on about? Me too...

I live in London, the outskirts of London I should say (the last village in fact!), and I am in love with the idea of capturing the little moments that take my breath away.

I'm easily awed and my favourite things in life are those moments that make smiles, create happy thoughts and the occurences that make tummys flutter - a jam doughnut can do that for me.

I've spent years taking photos on days out (In a bid to save some pennies for our first home which we finally got in May 2015! After almost 10 years together) Photography is my greatest hobby, nature being my absolute favourite subject. Totally amateur but incredibly happy in being so, I wanted a platform to share these moments that wasn't Facebook. And I've finally got round to doing it.

My heart belongs to my home, my Mr, our little girl & Watergate Bay in Cornwall - My absolute favourite place in the world to visit and photograph. I also love food nearly as much as all four put together and that really isn't a secret amongst my friends!

I'm a lover of life with a greed for good memories (and pastry)... I want to collect until my memory cabinet is bursting at the seams! Between growing our family and setting up home and a life with my Husband - My ultimate goal is and always will be to see new things, experiece new tastes, touch down in new places, breath foreign air, dance in the rain, eat until i'm so full up my buttons pop, walk on the beach on a winters day, snuggle indoors on a lazy sunday, listen to the birds sing, watch the sun rise, love alot, laugh often and try to see as many sunsets as life permits!

Even without being a millionaire, with saving, hard work, determination and motivation - I'll always believe that Life is for living...

One day can hold an awfully big adventure... & these are snippets of mine.

Welcome to my today, I can't promise it will always be exciting, I can't bring you daily shots of exotic holidays in different destinations each week and it won't be dripping in designer outfits and expensive shopping suggestions - but it will be honest, it will be real, it might give you ideas for some cheap days out in the uk and it will occassionally share with you the excitement of a girl who has worked hard for her next adventure somewhere off of UK soil - and it will always be pretty to me :)

Live, Love and most importantly Laugh with all that is in you

- MTWP xxx