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For as long as I can remember I've wanted to bottle feed cute, ickle, floofy lambs. A bucket list dream if you like. Every year I seem to remember just after lambing season and every year I say next year is the year. Well, this year was the year and I absolutely LOVED it!

It's the start of something great. The days are getting lighter, the skies are getting brighter, the grass is getting greener and it's the time of year where we start to make the most of our National Trust membership. Last weekend was an absolute scorcher and so we opted for a morning on the Thames

To ease into Monday and as promised in previous posts - here's a post on a lovely little pub hotel on the Norfolk coast. You might want to 'Chequer Inn' some time soon ;)

Next up on our visit to Norfolk was the beautiful village of Cley next the Sea - no that is not a typo and I have no idea why they call these places what they do. We wanted to stop past Cley windmill and it was definitely worth the visit

We'd never visited Norfolk before and it was always on our list. So when we came across a hotel on a January sale that we couldn't ignore, we jumped at the chance to visit. We never expected quite what greeted us on our first day!