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Join me on a journey along one of the world's most scenic highways, visiting great heights, impressive waterfalls and washing it all down with a mountain view hot tub and mojitos for good measure

I think it's really important to touch on other things to do in Tofino and the surrounding area, not just blow out excursions. With Tofino being our favorite place in Canada, it was easy to select some highlights. Food for thought, food for your tummy & ideas sure to inspire your pacific coast trip

Today's post takes us on an excursion across the Barkley Sound in kayaks, exploring tidal life and wilderness views. With a yummy lunch on a deserted island and peaceful paddles through kelp forest, it's a day trip I thoroughly recommend if you find yourself on the west coast at any point.

My favourite excursion of my life, join me on the water, in the water and beyond the clouds as we took in the stunning surroundings of The Clayoquat Sound and majestic beauty of Hot Springs Cove on Vancouver Island. Possibly my fave post to date!

Back as promised with the next Canadian installment. Tag along on a beach walk of dreams, my favourite Airbnb and some delicious eateries too as we head to Tofino. A few days of absolute magic and the highlight destination of my entire trip - the Pacific Rim National Park is an absolute gem