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I'm Liss... This is life through my lens <3 I love to take photos. I love to explore. I love to eat! Read more...

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It's not just about the destination, the journey is important too. Join me on the most picturesque ride across the Strait of Georgia to Vancouver Island. One of the most scenic boat trips I've ever had the privilege to experience.

Back to it! Bringing you a post from both up in the clouds and deep within the canopy, come with me on the journey to explore rural Vancouver. Holiday planning season is upon us so if you're planning a Canadian trip, these two locations are a must see and one is an absolute bargain price of FREE.

Back in October we spent a few days in California following at trip to Maui. We wanted a few days between flights to break up the lengthy journey back to LHR and so figured it was time to step onto West Coast US soil and see what everyone was raving about