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One of the most picturesque things to do from Jasper is to visit the famous waterfalls. Each and every one is different from the last and all with their own unique beauty that will have you scraping your chin from the floor. Pop in for a peak

Having landed on Vancouver Island, we spent our first few days exploring Victoria and surrounding neighbourhoods. From industrial vibes to beautiful gardens and never-ending sea views, Victoria has it all to offer and is definitely a must visit. There is something for everyone and every budget!

Back to it! Bringing you a post from both up in the clouds and deep within the canopy, come with me on the journey to explore rural Vancouver. Holiday planning season is upon us so if you're planning a Canadian trip, these two locations are a must see and one is an absolute bargain price of FREE.

Happy Thursday! Up next is a history flavoured snapshot drenched in tales from a time long forgotten. Dripping in character and finished off with views that are the cherry atop an entertaining cake. Great day out for all of the family - even the furry ones.