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I'm Liss... This is life through my lens <3 I love to take photos. I love to explore. I love to eat! Read more...

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Happy Valentine's Day Cupids! Looking for some last minute ideas that might not require booking? You've come to the right place. I've got just the cakes for you

As soon as my Work Wife mentioned to me that Sipsmith & Ham Yard Hotel were collaborating on something called the "Hot Gin Roof", I was sold. I took a look at a few photographs online of some sparkly lights, read "rooftop bar" and did not hesitate to snap up some tickets

Back to all things London after a few throwback posts from recent travels. I love London. Always have, always will. The colours, the chaos, the culture... if you've seen LaLa Land, in my head I'm singing "City of staaaarsss". Last weekend we headed into town to explore

I'd originally seen this quirky looking bar and restaurant advertised on Facebook and my curiosity got the better of me. I booked it up and popped it in the calendar as a treat to get 2017 off to a nice start. Since then I've seen many blog posts about it and I've hoped

Happy New Year!! Page one of a new book and I'm kicking it off with my first resolution - my very first post on my very own little photo sharing doobery watsit. Technical term ;) This year I plan on spending much more time outdoors - last year wedding plans took over a tad